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Our Happy Kitchen understands each person is unique and often on different journeys.  Find a class that is most useful to you and find a friend to join you - adopting a healthier lifestyle is always more fun and easier with others to help you and can act as an accountability partner.  Explore, ask questions and look forward to seeing you in the class*. 
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Meal Planning

Unsure what meals to make for your family?  Meal planning offers the recipes for healthy meals that are easy to make and some can be made ahead of time to save time.  Meal planning is also healthy on the wallet with less food waste. Learn about meal planning. 

Sweet Enough -
Sugar Impacts

Learn about the impacts of sugar on your body, how to read lables and a low sugar, easy meal demonstration

Online Courses

Stress Snacking -
Make Healthier Choices

Stress can trigger the urge to snack, learn more about stress and make healthier snack choices

Be sure to check back for more offerings

*Due to the pandemic, class will be virtual and when in person offerings are made, social distancing and sanitary measures are taken.  

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